_______                  _    _             _   
               |__   __|                | |  | |           | |  
                  | | ___ _______  ___  | |__| |_   _ _ __ | |_ 
                  | |/ _ \_  / _ \/ __| |  __  | | | | '_ \| __|
                  | |  __// / (_) \__ \ | |  | | |_| | | | | |_ 
                  |_|\___/___\___/|___/ |_|  |_|\__,_|_| |_|\__|


Satoshi's Treasure launched a global hunt for one million dollars of Bitcoin in April 2019. Hunters solve difficult puzzles and physical challenges to receive Keys, and whichever team can assemble 400 of them first will win the Bitcoin pot. The hunt is currently underway, and thousands of teams have been formed to go for the prize.

We're extremely excited to announce our second hunt, in partnership with the Tezos Foundation, to create a massive multiplayer game of skill where people can solve difficult puzzles and technical problems for the benefit of the Tezos and broader cryptocurrency community, to receive Tezos tokens or Tez (XTZTez) from a prize pool of 1 million XTZ!

The Tezos hunt is very different from the Bitcoin hunt in that it's built on top of a set of smart contracts, which means that clever hunters can be more immediately rewarded for using their problem-solving skills to beat puzzles. We're very much looking forward to seeing how this changes the dynamics of the game, in terms of teams, clans, individuals and strategies used to win.

Our favorite thing about Satoshi's Treasure is the amount of software that gets written by hunters to facilitate finding and storing keys and clues that will in the end benefit the Tezos ecosystem. We expect that a great deal of new tools will be created to facilitate interacting with the Hunt contracts, store and potentially even sell reward tokens, and parse through the plethora of new clues in the Tezos Hunt.

Tezos's formally verified smart-contracts are a huge boon to anyone designing a high-stakes contract like this one, and we're grateful for the assistance of developers from the Tezos community in creating the ST contracts.

In order to make sure that they're as robust and secure as possible, we're waiting to launch the main hunt until an audit has been completed. However, clans and individuals who are anxious to get started winning Tezzies can play in the Tezos mini-hunt, which has a prize of 5000 XTZ, and will begin on September 10th. For more info on that, we suggest you follow our official twitter account(@toshitreasure), watch our website, and most of all keep an eye on transmissions from satellites that may be zooming overhead!

Best of luck to all new and existing hunters on this new Tezos Hunt, and on the mini-hunt as well!

-Team ST

What is the prize pool of the ST: Tezos Hunt?

The prize pool contains 1M XTZ coins.

How do hunters obtain prizes?

By solving clues and challenges to receive non-fungible Prize Tokens on the Tezos blockchain. There are three classes of Prize Tokens (Uncommon, Rare, and Epic) which are redeemable for different amounts of XTZ from the ST Prize smart contract. The exact payout amounts for each class of token are being finalized.

When do winning hunters receive their XTZ prizes in exchange for the Prize Tokens they’ve accumulated?

The ST Prize smart contract can enter pay-out mode only once enough tokens to claim the entire 1M XTZ pot have been transferred to the contract. This will likely happen once the game is “over” and most or all of the clues and challenges have been solved.

Roughly how long do you expect the hunt will take?

Our estimate is 1 year from today, but it’s hard to account for the skill of hunters!

What if I don’t want to wait for that, and want to get rewarded immediately?

Since our Tezos Hunt uses NFT tokens, you’re free to find a buyer for your prize token on the open market. If you have a prize token that can be redeemed for 1000 XTZ, perhaps your friend will give you 900 XTZ right now and pocket the 100 XTZ difference once the prize payouts are complete.

Does the Tezos Hunt have the same clues as the Bitcoin Hunt?

No, each hunt is separate. There may be extremely occasional clues which feature rewards in both hunts, but for the vast majority of clues users can choose which hunt they want to participate in by solving only clues for that hunt, or solve all clues to be in the running in both hunts.

Who is eligible to participate in the Tezos Hunt?

Eligibility to participate is open to any person who has not worked for an entity that has received funding from the Tezos Foundation to work on the Tezos core protocol. This will help to include new developers in the Tezos ecosystem. The Tezos Foundation, Satoshi Treasure team, Stove Labs, and TQ Tezos employees are excluded as well.